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For more than 30 years people like you have trusted lawyers like us. We’re dedicated to fighting for your rights in employment law, civil rights and whistleblower investigations. If you feel you’ve been wrongfully terminated, sexually harassed, or discriminated against, contact us now to protect yourself and your rights. Let’s get started.

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Buckley Beal is one of Atlanta’s leading and largest law firms focused on representing employees in labor and employment law disputes. Our legal experts are also adept in handling other employment issues including sexual harassment, unpaid overtime, civil rights cases, and denial of medical leave. We’re also experts at negotiating senior level compensation packages for executives either entering or exiting a company. Protecting your legal rights is our priority. Our goal is to maximize your recovery through trial, mediation, arbitration, or a settlement of your claims.

The Buckley legal team is a group of smart fighters dedicated to helping the underdog. As employee advocates, we counsel you on the best solution to your case which could include litigation or an alternate dispute resolution.

Let us help you win your case, as we have done for thousands of other people. Learn more about our team of experts on our bio page.

If you feel you have been wrongfully discharged, are the victim of sexual or racial harassment at your job, were unfairly denied a promotion, been wrongfully discharged or are not receiving due overtime pay, contact us. Our experienced employment attorneys can help answer your questions. Call Buckley Beal (404) 920-0325 or contact us online.

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  • A $1,060,000.00 VERDICT AGAINST KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY In 2004, Ed Buckley won a $1,060,000.00 verdict against Kennesaw State University in a sex discrimination and retaliation case. Our client was a professor of music. The jury found the university guilty of sex discrimination and retaliation when it promoted a far less qualified male to the position of Chair of the Music Department.